Cnlm Auto Lighting Car Headlight Manufacturer,  has Specialized In Kinds Of Led headlight wholesale For Years.

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How many CNLM led bulb kits for cars are sold per year?
Annual sales volume is quite positive. As society grows, the requirement for led bulb kits for cars has been growing in the marketplace, which leads to the prevalence of CNLM that has been specialized in creating exquisite products for decades. Since the product launched, it has attracted a growing number of attentions from clients at home and overseas, thus leading greater yearly sales volume.

As a trustworthy manufacturer, Guangzhou Lumileds Lighting Co., Ltd's been focusing on the quality of hid kit. Lumileds Lighting's hid ballast is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. CNLM led daytime running light is designed following the concept of striving for first-rate. It brings together the world’s finest materials and craftsmanship. This product will not easily cause visual fatigue. Lumileds Lightinghas a complete quality assurance system to carry out strict inspection from raw material, production process, finished product, to product delivery. This effectively ensures the excellent quality of car headlight bulbs.

Our company makes environmental protection a top priority. In our production, dust and liquid waste are collected and incinerated to ensure that they are not discharged into the environment.
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