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C1216Q HID ballast quick start car hid ballast

C1216Q HID ballast quick start car hid ballast

C1216Q HID ballast quick start car hid ballast

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C1216 CANBUS+FAST BRIGHT: 1.I-start 5.5A, 50% bright/2second, 100% bright/5second,2.strong CANBUS function

C1216 FAST START:I-start 7.5A, 50% bright/1second, 100% bright/3second,pecfect performance if working with customized "YEAKY" bulbs or Cnlight which are specially made for our C1216

TypeHID Ballast
V-outAC 85±17V

7.5A&13.5V/Fast start
Life span>3000+ hrs


CANBUS: Super Strong canbus function

Pass AUDI A3, A4, A6;

Pass VW Tiguan 2010, VW Sagitar 2014, VW-Laivda;

Pass BENZ C-200 2010, VOLVO, DODGE, FORD focus-2013;

Pass BMW E39, E46, E60, E90, E92, E93, F10, F11, F12, Mini, BMW 320LI, BMW X1;

Pass Jeep Compass, Buick lacrosse 2012, Buick-Envision, KIA-K3(Those cars are very hard to pass, and many normal

C1216 CANBUS & Fast Start Ballast

12MM Ultra Thin HID ballast

Combining CANBUS and Fast bright perfectly


Specifically Mounting Bracket

1.Unique design, push&stick, easy installation.

2.More efficient cross-ventilation cooling by the bracket design.

3.Good quality 3M sticker on back.



1.Main chip: ASIC, highly integrated, more efficient and stable

2.POWER-out(total): 55W±2W, perfectly match original 55W HID bulbs, POWER-out(effective): 42W±2W, work well with 35W HID bulbs,

3.Fast response: FSW(frequency switch)=150KHZ, strong I-start 5.5A&13.5V, C1216 combining CANBUS and FAST BRIGHT together,

4.Strong CANBUS: solve most BMW, BENZ, AUDI, VW etc,

5.Low voltage start: light up at 8.5V, no flicker, remain lighting at 7.5V when driving.(other suppliers canbus ballasts can't light up or flicker at such low start current, and flicker or light off at 7.5V when driving)

6. Ultra/super thin/slim design, heights of components≤9mm, height of ballast=12mm.

7. High frequency: ±300Hz( ≥250Hz/other suppliers), stable, better protection for electrode of bulbs.

8. Few components: only 70+ pcs(>110pcs/other suppliers), more stable, reducing defective rates.

9. EMC/EMI: strong anti-interference, totally solving electric devices interference problems, such as audio-interference.

10. Copper+PET material package for input and output wires, high level quality, strong electromagnetic interference shielding function.

11. All components are SMD types, lower defective rate, more stable, longer life span 5000+ hrs

12. Components upgrade:A Input “filter inductor” changed into “shielded SMD inductor”.B “electrolytic capacitors” changed into “SMD ceramic capacitors”, longer life span(5000 hrs/electrolytic capacitors, 30,000+ hrs/ceramic capacitors).C “polyester capacitors” changed into “SMD ceramic capacitors”, longer life span(20,000+ hrs/electrolytic capacitors, 30,000+ hrs/ceramic capacitors)D Main chips “Dual-Core chips” changed into “ASIC chip”. Faster response, more stable, highly integrated.E MOSFET upgraded, the value of permissible voltage up 100V, internal resistance down 20%-30%.

13. More stable of fast start and light up, no flicker or shaking.

14. Strong self-adjustment function when starting, ensuring lighting up successfully at one time for all different brands and quality HID bulbs.

15. Supporting fast flashing test, max 4times/second, no lighting off when flashing test.

16. Precisely constant power output reaches ±0.2W, by checking the current and voltage of loaded bulbs.

17. Cold/Hot testing system, automatically controlling constant starting current according to different tubes’ temperature.

18. Strong self-protection function: lack voltage-input protection, over voltage-input protection, output open circuit protection, short circuit protection, etc.

19. Ultimate temperature design: lighting up at one time at -40℃, working stably at +85℃.

20. Aging temperature: working temperature is 65-70℃(80℃+/other suppliers) at 30℃ ambient temperature

21. Heat dissipation: contacts matches well between inner cover and components, such as MOSFETs, main chips, etc.

22. Bracket: special design, ventilative for better cooling down, easy installation by pushing in.

23. Ground connection design is safer



ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit)

Highly integrated, more efficient and stable.

Low voltage start:V-start of chip:7-7.3V,ballast starts at 8.5V. 3.high frequency ±300Hz( ≤250Hz/other ballasts).

FSW(frequency switch)=150KHz,combining Canbus and Fast

Bright perfectly.

Pass flashing test(max 4 times/second),no flicker or off.

Solid State PCB Based On ASIC

1.Only 70+ components, more simple & efficient.

2.All SMD components, lower defective rate.

3. 4 layers PCB, better circuirt layout.

21000UF Super CANBUS Decoder

The following cars usually have CANBUS problems, but working well with C1216 HID ballast.BMW-320Li,MINI,X1 BENZ- C200,VW-Tiguan,Sagitar, Lavida, Buick-Envision, KIA-K3,JEEP- CAMPASS,FORD-FOCUS,etc…

CONSTANT Power Output

Precisely constant power output by checking the current and voltage of loaded bulbs. Tolerance is ±0.2W,better then any other ballasts

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