Cnlm Auto Lighting Car Headlight Manufacturer,  has Specialized In Kinds Of Led headlight wholesale For Years.

What about the minimum order quantity of auto led headlight bulbs in Lumileds Lighting?
Guangzhou Lumileds Lighting Co., Ltd has established the MOQ of auto led headlight bulbs . This could be negotiated too. Please know that the MOQ is a means for us to get profit. If you would like to reduce the MOQ, likely the usage of same elements throughout the manufacturing is a means. That is negotiable.

The production capacities of Lumileds Lighting hid ballast are broadly known. Lumileds Lighting's car headlight bulbs is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. High-end textile manufacturing machinery is used for CNLM auto led fog light production. It is made of drawing machine, carding machine, roving machine, combing machine, and other equipment. The product does not cause radio interference. led daytime running light are recognized for their merits of ece r87 led drl. The product has no flicker and no buzzing noise.

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