Cnlm Auto Lighting Car Headlight Manufacturer,  has Specialized In Kinds Of Led headlight wholesale For Years.

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Can we arrange the led daytime running lights drl shipment by ourselves or by our agent?
Generally, customers working with Guangzhou Lumileds Lighting Co., Ltd can arrange the shipment of led daytime running light in the preferred way. If you choose to deliver the goods by yourselves or your agent, please know that you will be responsible for delivering or for arranging the delivery of the goods and will be liable for full possible damage and risks in the course of delivery. For example, in the event of any fire, explosion, or other accidents, we bear no liability. Before delivering your goods, please notice that sign a legal contract for delivering goods with your agent and pay the insurance for those valuable products, or else you will regret it if something bad happens in the transit of goods.

Lumileds Lighting is globally competitive in the car led bulb marketplace. Lumileds Lighting's hid kit is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The production of CNLM hid kit is eco-friendly and does not generate any water, air or noise pollution. And the cleaning process guarantees it is meticulously cleaned and free of dust and odor. With a strong light penetration ability, this product guarantees a safe drive. Lumileds Lightinghas advanced production and testing equipment and strong technical force to ensure superior quality and excellent performance of car led bulb.

We make ourselves comply with the rules and regulations of each country in which we operate. We make our products to meet relevant standards in specific countries.
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